VAT Advisory

Sound, commercial VAT advice

Whether it is a major transaction, or a major headache, ITSL quickly and effectively provides relevant and practical VAT advice, to address the issue.

ITSL will drive delivery of plans based upon this advice, ensuring a positive outcome.

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VAT Assurance

Could your VAT returns be wrong?

Unusual purchases and sales, such as property, business disposals, vehicles or computers can carry large risks based on value and complexity.

Incomplete systems data can hamper assurance that you are only paying the right amount of VAT - whether to suppliers or to HMRC.

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VAT Support

What happens when the person who does the VAT return is not there?

Hopefully for the staff member concerned, it's because they've won the lottery.

But it could be an illness, or a resignation. Or you might have a large project stretching your resource to breaking point.

We can often turn these "problems" into an opportunity!

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